How Millennials are leveraging the ‘Side Hustle’

In this age, everyone is rushing all the time. Reason? Well, to achieve the never-ending list of goals and to satisfy their success hunger. So when you live in such a drastic competitive environment, then you have to think unconventionally. If you want to fulfill everything on your wish list, then you have to extra smart about it. REMEMBER, your single salary from the day job is not going to make you enough money to live your life to its fullest well until unless you are a wizard who does not need money at all.

You have to do something extra than your regular day job to earn some extra bucks and here comes the side hustle to the rescue.  Side hustles not only gives you the opportunity to earn more to make your wishes comes true but also helps you to become a boss of your own. In this time of volatility, the side hustle gives you’re the much needed financial freedom without staking your day job.

I think I had given the most authentic and tempting incentive to start a side hustle when I said to be a boss of your own or to be more financially secure. So here are some of the tips which can make establishing a side hustle real easy and convenient for you.

Commitment is everything:

Look, I am not saying that initiating a side hustle will make money for your overnight or it is some magic. It is a continuous struggle to get what and it takes more than normal dedication and commitment to start a side hustle. The reason is your day job is a compulsion as you have to continue for a living, but your side hustle is something you choose to do. So if you are not entirely focused and determine about you want in life, and how you are going to achieve it, then chances are very much there that you quit your side hustle.

Identify your true talent:

You don’t have to be Picasso when I suggest identify a talent. I believe that every individual has some hidden talent or trait in it. All you have to do is to tap the right compartment of the brain. Back your side hustle with some real passion, background knowledge, and skills. Identify your skill and talent, and then go with sharp arms for the battle.

Validate your idea:

No matter how much dedicated and skilled you are at a certain trait the real money comes from the customers. Now imagine what happens if you come up with something that is not required by the customers? What is the use a brilliant idea when still when no one wants that? You are doing all this to earn some extra money, and it requires interested customers. So before getting involved into any idea deeply validate its demand by having one or more customers. Search the market for the demand for services or product your offer and then start your battle.

Competitive edge:

Keep in mind that you are starting something as a side business or job and you cannot give your full focus and attention to it. So it has to have something unique about your idea. The uniqueness will bring the competitive edge. And with a strong competitive edge, you will be ready to run for a long haul.

Set your mark:

There is no success without a clear-cut road map to achieve your goals. You have to be crystal clear about what you want and how you are going to accomplish this. Strategizing and planning is the essence of any business venture.

Measure your success:

Have you heard that “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, that’s exactly I am talking about. Do not overstress yourself for launching with a perfect launch pad. Perfection is something which can achieve over time. Beat the inertia and start with setting small milestones, stick to your plan and never let anything come in the path.


You don’t have to be “a jack of all trades and master of none.” If there is someone who can do something better than you then go for it. Outsourcing could not only save you some precious time, but it also makes you available for other essential tasks.

Side hustle could be your best shot at establishing a business of your own while still having your day job. With a little patience and lot of dedication, you can achieve what you dream of.