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Report The 3% Solution: driving profits through carbon reduction Report: 3% Solution
Jul 8, 2013|Book / report -

By boosting energy-efficiency measures and transitioning to low-carbon energy sources right now, U.S. businesses can curb climate change by reducing emissions by 3% annually and save costs up to $190 billion in 2020. This is the bold promise from a new report of CDP and World Wildlife Fund (WWF): “The 3% Solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reductions”. Built upon analysis by leading consulting firms and with many cost-saving examples from a variety of sectors, the study charts a pathway for companies that is both profitable and aggressive enough to protect the climate.

Carbon constraints put creditworthiness oil and gas companies at risk Gas from the damaged Deepwater Horizon wellhead is burned
May 21, 2013|Research -

What could carbon-constraints mean for oil and gas companies' future creditworthiness? To envision scenarios, Standard & Poors and the Carbon Tracker Initiative have been working together, using North America as a key test environment. They forecast the limitation of carbon emissions will affect the price and volume of sales. In particular, they warn for downgrades in credit ratings for pure oilsands operators, which may see their ability to maintain dividends and capital investment impaired. The report concludes that the uncertainty regarding the economic viability of future production makes going forward with more capital investments into the exploitation of tarsands questionable.

IEA: ‘Progress towards clean energy has stalled’ IEA: ‘Progress towards clean energy has stalled’ image
Apr 17, 2013|Book / report -

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that progress towards clean energy has stalled. This warning comes one day after the European Parliament blocked plans to "backload" 900 million carbon allowances, which set the price of carbon plummeting to a record low of €2.63 on 16 April. The rapid expansion of renewable technologies is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak assessment of global progress towards low-carbon energy, the International Energy Agency (IEA) writes in an annual report to the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).

‘Climate finance can help exit fossil fuel subsidies’ Green oil drums
Mar 27, 2013|Opinion -

Climate finance help phase out fossil fuel subsidies. According to Jelmer Hoogzaad and Darragh Conway from the advisory company Climate Focus, this can be done through a range of policies and programmes that target the least effective subsidies, limit negative effects, provide co-benefits and help consumers adjust their fuel consumption to the new price levels. They argue that experience has shown that fossil fuel subsides are often economically inefficient, encourage wasteful consumption of resources and fail to meet their intended goal of protecting the poor. Also, these subsidies present a major barrier for a paradigm shift away from fossil fuels.

A new deal for the 21st century
Portret of André Laude
Feb 1, 2013|Interview -

“A new deal for the 21st century” is needed for low carbon development and adaptation to climate change in developing countries, according to André Laude of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). In this video, he proposes “a bold alliance” which unites consumers, civil society organizations and corporations. “All the top-down approaches have failed, but I think it is within our reach to have a bottom-up approach when it comes to climate change.”