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Professor of Accounting and Auditing, Umeå University
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Hassel, Lars
Lars Hassel is the Öhrling’s PWC Professor of Accounting and Auditing at Umeå School of Business, Umeå University, in Sweden. He holds a Dr.Sc. degree in accounting from Åbo Akademi University in Finland where he also is a professor. Hassel is since 2006 the Director of Sustainable Investments research program funded by Mistra, the foundation for strategic environmental research in Sweden. Mistra funds and organizes interdisciplinary research aimed at solving strategic environmental problems. Research from this program can be found on the Sustainable Investment Research Platform webpage ( The SIRP group was recognized with the Globe Award in May 2008 with the motivation for an outstanding and tangible research in the field of CSR.

Author Items

Past unethical risk behavior of firm leaders predicts low environmental performance Bad Apples
Dec 19, 2012|Research -

When CEOs and/or board members of a firm have been implicated in any kind of unethical behavior in the past, this is an indicator of lower environmental performance and reporting quality in these firms, shows Swedish/Finnish research. “Our results show a negative relation between the proportion of board members with past unethical risk behavior and the firm’s environmental performance,” according to Lars Hassel, Juha-Pekka Kallunki, and Henrik Nilsson.