Bernd Jan Sikken

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Program Director Finance & Sustainability, Duisenberg school of finance
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Sikken, Bernd Jan

Bernd Jan Sikken is Program Director of Finance & Sustainability at Duisenberg school of finance, where he focuses on topics such as sustainable investing and corporate sustainability. He considers sustainability not only as an imperative, but also as an opportunity for innovation and value creation. Bernd Jan has worked for the World Economic Forum where he led finance, sustainability, and strategic insight initiatives in close collaboration with senior executives from global companies and financial institutions. Before joining the World Economic Forum, Bernd Jan was a managing consultant in Strategy & Change at PricewaterhouseCoopers and an investment manager at ING. He has published in various leading journals and is co-author of the book Financing Sustainability.



Author Items

Effective ways to accelerate the transition towards sustainable investing Cover research paper "Accelerating the Transition towards Sustainable Investing"
Oct 19, 2011|Research -
World Economic Forum report explores how asset owners, asset managers, corporations, governments, and other key stakeholder can accelerate the transition towards sustainable investing. The report describes a large variety of strategic options clustered into four categories: 1. improve information, 2. strengthen competencies, 3. modify incentives, and 4. enhance governance. Examples of specific ways to accelerate the uptake in sustainable investing include: increase the performance assessment periods for fund managers, include ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors in the performance scorecard of corporate executives, and integrate sustainability thinking further in finance education.