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(Asset) managers, supply chains & climate risks
Portret of Paul Simpson
Jan 24, 2013|Interview -

Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Asset managers need to know whether companies are handling climate change risks. “Supply chains of major corporations are a critical area of risk and opportunities from climate change”, says Paul Simpson. He is chief executive officer of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international, non-profit organization which provides a unique global system for companies and cities to measure and report environmental information. In this video, Simpson talks about how asset managers are using this data. Also, together with Accenture, CDP just published the report “Reducing risk and driving business value”, which according to him “illuminates fragility in the global supply chain model”.

Measuring value, not just profit
Pavan Sukdhev
Jan 22, 2013|Interview -

Leadership has to reside in the private sector, and the key thing the private sector has to ask for from policy makers and politicians is a change in the way we measure the economy. This is the belief of Pavan Sukdhev, visiting fellow at Yale University and author of the book “Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow’s World” (Island Press, 2012). In this video, Sukdhev explains just what is needed to create the ‘green economy’, which will provide sustainable profits for companies without damaging natural, societal or human collateral. He makes a plea for a wholly new measurement framework that assesses whether a firm’s ‘externalities,’ e.g. its impact on people and the planet, are positive or negative.

Unique joint sustainable banking effort in Nigeria
Portret of Carey Bohjanen
Jan 18, 2013|Interview -

In this video, Carey Bohjanen, Managing Director of Sustainable Finance Advisory, talks about the development and implementation process of ‘sustainable banking principles’ in Nigeria. Her consultancy has been advising the Nigerian financial sector on environmental and social risk management, and she worked together with CEO’s from Nigeria’s banks, international development banks FMO and IFC, and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in a unique, collective effort to deliver positive development impacts to society while protecting its communities and environment.

Firms that advertise more, get more value from CSR Newspaper advertisement for Coca-Cola from 1951
Jan 16, 2013|Research|By Lloyd Kurtz -

One of the most consistently controversial questions in CSR research is whether a firm’s corporate social responsibility activities have a positive impact on the firm’s value. Some research has indicated a strongly positive relationship between CSR and firm value, while other research has shown no, or a negative, relationship. New research from UK researchers Henri Servaes and Ane Tamayo indicates that consumers’ awareness of a firm, through the tool of advertising, can create a positive effect between firm CSR and firm value.

Why green labels boost real estate values green building
Jan 11, 2013|Research -
Walk into an office building in downtown San Francisco and you’re likely to see a familiar plaque at the entrance promoting the building’s green certification. At least 35 percent of San Francisco’s total commercial square-footage now bears a LEED and/or EnergyStar label, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.
Bond finance can help finance developments that halt deforestation tree
Jan 9, 2013|Book / report -

Deforestation releases vast amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Bond finance could play an important role in financing developments that will have the avoidance of deforestation at their core. The price of forest carbon credits doubled in 2011, leading to a record market value of $237 million as more country programs embraced mechanisms that use carbon finance to plant or replenish endangered forests, according to the latest "State of Forest Carbon Markets" report.