Our cities will thrive in the hotter future

Aug 31, 2011|Book / report | comments -

UCLA Professor Matthew Kahn talks about his book Climatopolis. How our cities will thrive in the hotter future. He argues that, even though climate change is a real and scary threat, we have every incentive to anticipate this threat and imagine the challenges that climate change can pose for us.

Girl drinking water on a hot summer day
Image “Drinking Refreshing Water” by D. Sharon Pruitt (CC BY)

“If we can anticipate that we are going to face climate change, that it will be hotter and that there will be weather extremes, than I am an optimist that capitalism and the magic of the market can help us to adapt to some of the scary things that we may face in the future if we didn’t prepare.”


Kahn was interviewed at the conference ‘Green Building Finance and Investments’, held in Maastricht in March 2011.